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If you want to understand people, you must understand how they are HARDWIRED
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Hardwiring details the first methodology of human understanding to link the soft science of 20th century typology with the hard science revelations of the 21st century



Learn specifics about how to realize the benefits of hardwiring in your life, as well as the story behind this amazing discovery

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The Professor

Following more than a decade of study, Brad Kullman has made it his mission to share this ground-breaking discovery with the world, professing a comprehensive understanding of how hardwiring manifests itself, as well as the science behind it

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The Impact

Read what people who have already been exposed to hardwiring are saying about the immense benefits they have realized from this remarkable breakthrough in human understanding

Hardwired. . . to live

Why do you think, behave, and perform as you do?

While conventional personality inventories often confuse the impact of nurture with nature, hardwiring presents a new way of understanding people that goes far deeper than outward persona. In much the same way each person is hardwired at conception to be predominantly right or left-handed, we are also preprogrammed to take in and process information from the world around us. Even our motor skills are significantly impacted by the way that our individual brain is uniquely hardwired.

  • The long held consensus for was that nature only accounted for a small percentage of our persona and behavior...

  • It was felt that our environment was far and away the predominant force in the we we acted, thought, and behaved.

  • Advances in modern science have revealed that the way each person is innately and specifically HARDWIRED is responsible for upwards of two-thirds of not only our personality and behavior, but even the way we perform!

  • Our environment, of course, still plays a role, as we may be encouraged and taught to modify our actions and develop our skills, but it is not nearly the determining force that it was once thought to be.

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Professional presentations to educate and explain how the latest developments in the hard sciences not only provide support for this new method of human understanding, but also explain how it is unequaled

Brad Kullman

Specializes in presenting this revolution in human understanding in a fun and easy-to-understand manner with an uplifting presentation that can be custom-tailored to deliver a positive educational message of hope and encouragement to any audience
Two decades of field experience combined with more than ten years of working with top minds in the fields of behavioral and performance science

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